Welcome to RxReminders by PageMinder

RxReminders by Pageminder is a healthcare outcomes improvement company assisting people to follow complex medical and self-care regimens through a program of regimen review and automated reminders.

RxReminders conducts comprehensive regimen evaluations, making sure the regimen is in compliance with physician directions

by documenting the regimen as actually carried out by participant including OTC and natural remedies and comparing to physician directions.

RxReminders interviews participants to identify barriers to compliance

through analysis of schedules, daily habits and cues, and organizational skills.

RxReminders develops an individualized adherence strategy to improve the participant’s ability to follow
the self-care plan

by addressing gaps between prescription and performance with organization guidelines; tailoring regimens to patient’s schedule and lifestyle; reinforcing importance of compliance; simplifying regimen where possible; taking into account disabilities

RxReminders provides appropriate reminder devices and training

considering user abilities and resources as well as lifestyle; and providing appropriate training to avoid frustration with the selected device.

RxReminders offers guidance to family members and caregivers to encourage participants

by supporting the plan and reinforcing importance of regimen adherence

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