Healthcare Professionals

RxReminders by PageMinder’s services are often covered by MO HealthNet. If you have a client who is interested in reminders, call 888-882-7787 and we will review eligibility with you.

RxReminders offers a solution. If you have a patient who struggles with inadvertent noncompliance, we may be able to help improve adherence to medication and medical routines.

There are two basic categories of patients who might benefit from RxReminders services.

The first category includes patients who have complicated medical routines or are noncompliant with their complex medication schedule.

Other individuals may only take one or two doses a day, but due to their busy lifestyles have difficulty being consistent.

The second category includes individuals with memory deficits, whether from changes associated with normal aging, or as a secondary symptom for a particular diagnosis, such as brain injury, dementia, ADHD, CVA, or Parkinson’s. These patients may rely on RxReminders to provide reminders for appointments, daily living skills, and home management tasks, in addition to medication reminders.

Prerequisite Skills for Successful use …

Ability to respond to the wireless device when it alerts that a reminder is received.

Ability to follow a simple command.

Visual acuity to read a text message.

Additional Benefits …

Requires no initiation on the part of the user.

Also functions as a cell phone, so can be used for work or family needs.

No stigma attached to cell phone use, so patients are accepting of the system.

Cost Savings …

Need for attendant care is reduced.

Individual can remain in an independent living situation, rather than supervised or long term care placement.

Symptom control reduces the number of physician visits needed.

Costly secondary symptoms are avoided.

Hospital readmissions for noncompliance are reduced.

Patient is able to return to work because reminders assist with schedules.