Benefits of Using RxReminders

If one is having difficulty remembering to take medication correctly, having problems keeping up with medical appointments, or needing cues to complete daily tasks, then RxReminders by PageMinders’s service may help.

RxReminders lets one keep up with medication while you are going about daily life. There is no special equipment to purchase; reminders are sent to a wireless device. There is no elaborate system to program or alarms to set—just tell us what reminders are wanted and when they should be received, and we take care of the rest. And unlike medication alert boxes or computer reminders, one can be anywhere and still receive the reminders you need.

Not taking medication as prescribed by the doctor could have a negative effect on a person’s medical condition. For one reason or another, about 50% of people do not use their medication as directed.

Noncompliance contributes to 10 percent of hospitalizations, 25 percent of nursing home admissions and the loss of 20 million workdays per year.

In order for medication to do its job, it should be taken as the doctor prescribes. If there are questions about how to take medication, it is very important to talk to the doctor or pharmacist.